Unlock the power of altruism with Btru

Our mission

Promote altruism to create a positive impact in our world

Enhance social and emotional health

Strengthen communities and organizations

Foster a culture of people helping people



unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others

Who we are

We are an organization dedicated to creating a better world by promoting altruism in our communities.

What we are doing

We create projects that meet the needs of our community. From visiting elderly homes to designing teacher signs, we find creative ways to bring joy to our community through acts of kindness, service, and altruism.

Honoring our elders

Honoring our elders is an important part of our mission. We offer a range of activities that bring our elders and students together, such as…

Mentoring students

This project pairs older students with younger students, creating a unique opportunity for both to learn from each other and develop meaningful relationships. Our students…

Staff aprons

We regularly recognize and celebrate the contributions of those who make a difference in our community. With the staff aprons project, we show our appreciation…

How to get involved


Integrate BTru into your classroom


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Thank you for such a great year in 4th grade! My daughter loves school again. Thanks for all the “above and beyond” you did for the kids and especially for incorporating BTru into learning.

Courtney S. (parent)

Thank you for the best school year ever. You inspire me to BTru. I will try to convince my teacher next year to do the program.

Khanh T. (student)

(In response to collaborating about BTru) I’m in! This is exactly what school should be all about.

Chet L. (teacher)